Dan Clark: Through The Years

Hall of Fame Speaker

In 2005, Dan was inducted into the National Speakers Association Speakers Hall of Fame and presented the highly coveted “CPAE” – Council of Peers Award of Excellence. It is a lifetime award given to a maximum of five NSA members annually who have reached the top echelon of the speaking industry and demonstrated platform excellence in seven categories: image, material, style, experience, delivery, professionalism and communication.

To date, out of thousands of professional speakers in the world and the hundreds that are nominated each year, only 173 men and women have been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. Currently, there are 116 living members in this prestigious fraternity. Dan has been a full time professional speaker for over 25 years. Dan loves the National Speakers Association, attributes his success to his membership, recommends joining to everyone who wants to be or is currently a speaker and holds this CPAE as his greatest honor!

From 1981 to 2005, Dan has delivered more than 150 speeches annually, to more than 4,000 audiences, to over 3 million people, in all 50 states, in all 10 Canadian provinces and in more than 35 countries on 6 continents worldwide!

Do-It-All Dan!

Among a hundred other things that make Dan one of the most credible, fascinating and inspirational speakers on the planet, Dan has written 20 of his own books, has been a house guest of Muhammad Ali and Larry King, has had breakfast with President Bush, lunch with Michael Jordon, dinner with Colin Powell, has ridden elephants in Thailand, flown fighter jets with the Air Force Thunderbirds, ridden his Harley “Screaming Eagle” motorcycle across the U.S. on the 100thAnniversary “Ride Home” to Milwaukee.

Dan has spoken to the combat troops in Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan and to sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf, has flown in Blackhawk Helicopters over Baghdad, visited with the wounded soldiers in hospitals in Iraq and in Germany, AND… has powerfully impacted Fortune 500 companies, NASA, Super Bowl Champions, doctors and staff at Mayo Clinic and hundreds of other satisfied repeat clients.

Has Dan ridden camels in Morocco? Yep! Raced dog sleds in the Arctic and slept in an igloo at 60 degrees below zero? Been there! Raced automobiles at the Nurburgring in Germany? Done that! Worked with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the 51 contestants of the national Miss USA Beauty Pageant?

Yep, got the t- shirts! Selected and honored to carry the Olympic Torch in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games? Dan was extremely honored to do so! Shared the program with Garth Brooks, Michael Bolton and David Foster? Of course Dan has! Written hit songs? Dan received a Gold Record with country artist Michael Peterson for his collaboration on the #5 hit single, “Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie.” Dan wrote the story of the little boy baseball player used by Don Schlitz to write “The Greatest” recorded by Kenny Rogers. Over 30 of Dan’s songs are recorded with many on hold!

“S.E.E.” – Significant Emotional Experiences move us in a way where we can never be the same. Dan’s five S.E.E.’s: volunteer mission for his church; paralyzing football injury and recovery; marriage and kids; Dad’s death; and visiting with our brave and devoted troops in Southwest Asia!

Dan currently and proudly serves on the International Board of Governors of Operation Smile, on the University of Utah Crimson Club Board of Directors, on the Granite Education Foundation Board and on the Utah Governor and First Lady’s Executive Council on Youth.

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