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The following is a 15 minute YouTube video of Dan’s 4-hour adventure in space

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Dan Clark U2 Space Flight

Adventure to prose

“U2 Eternity”

Today I woke, prepared myself both physically and mentally

And breathed only the purest thoughts to free myself from every negativity

Then suited up, protected from reality, to board a secret craft to soar beyond the bonds of life’s ordinary gravity

Up, straight up I shot, and danced with clouds until I climbed above them in high flight to see as far as I could see

I saw the curvature of earth, and on the edge of space, if we’re alone, a waste of space it is for all humanity

And in the blackness of our universe, suspended on the wind above where eagles fly, with grace I hovered, sensing that the best is yet to be

Where in the sounds of silence realized what we take with us in death, is what I had with me: Education, character, and a ‘made-a-difference’ legacy

Then, with tear-filled eyes, surreal in a tranquil blue serenity, my heart stood still in breathtaking humility

As I, in awe, felt His Almighty Presence while I gazed into eternity.

by Dan Clark – copyright 2010

Adventure to space

Adventure to space 2

Dan in a spacesuit

Ordinary Guy Extraordinary Adventure

Because Dan is an ordinary guy who has done some extraordinary things, Dan relates to audience members in an intimate and real way that suggests that they too, could do what Dan has done!

Dan has always been drawn to the edge, inspired by peak performance, and motivated by those who told him he couldn’t do something. Even during his formative childhood years Dan understood the difference between biological probability and attitudinal possibility, and consequently dreamed mighty dreams, made winning personal, faced every obstacle, fought every foe, maximized his potential, and created an incredible “bucket list” before anyone called it such.

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