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Dan Clark is an author of over 20 books, a primary contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul, a National Speakers Hall of Fame Inductee, a 2012 Utah Father of the Year, and a NY Times bestselling author – named Top 10 Speaker in the World by both Achievers North America and Achievers Europe.

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Dan Clark has spoken to millions of people and thousands of audiences over the years, and many of his clients have invited him back as many as 20 times.


Begin by calling Dan’s office to check on your date. If Dan is available on the date of your event, then we will set up a time for Dan to call you directly to discuss the details of your event. Every event is different, and Dan will accommodate your needs and desires to craft the perfect presentation for your event.

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Why Dan Clark?

Art of significance

The Art of Significance by Dan Clark

Dan’s promising career of becoming an NFL star was suddenly brought to an end when he suffered an injury which paralyzed the right side of his body. As a result, Dan set out on a lifelong path of self-discovery, which ultimately made him the Master of Significance.

Dan is an outstanding speaker, a philanthropist, and a modern-day Napoleon Hill with hundreds of celebrity interviews under his belt. Dan is also a fearless extreme adventurer – he has flown fighter jets at twice the speed of sound, reached the edge of space, raced automobiles in Germany, carried the torch in 2002 Winter Olympics, and even found himself under a machine gunfire while flying in a Chinook helicopter on a mission to support our troops in Afghanistan.

Dan can bring that lifetime of experience to your event, and leave your attendees inspired to raise their sights from being merely successful, to becoming significant in their endeavors.

Simon Sinek Testimonial“I am a fan of Dan Clark. Every time we’ve shared the stage together, it is his devotion to service and unwavering belief in the value of putting others before ourselves, that attracts me to his message.”
-Simon Sinek
TED Speaker, Best-selling author

Dan’s Topics

Motivational Speaking | Team Building & Management | Customer Service & Sales | Leadership

Dan is best known for his ability to customize your speech to best fit the specific needs of your organization in order to deliver desired results. Dan will conduct a conference call with you or your organization to learn exactly what you are looking for, and then build a unique, one-of-a-kind presentation from his repertoire of over 600 stories, anecdotes and personal experiences, specially designed for your group.

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