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Inside Dan’s Executive Coaching You Will Understand how to Correlate Your Inner Core of Success and Significance into the Results You Seek in Life:

When you join you experience these 8 Specific Transformations inside Dan’s Executive Coaching Program:
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Simon Sinek TED Speaker/Best Selling Author ‘Start With Why’

“I am a fan of Dan Clark. Every time we’ve shared the stage together, it is his devotion to service and unwavering belief in the value of putting others before ourselves, that attracts me to his message.”

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NBA All Time Leading Scorer/Hall of Famer

“Thanks Dan. Our time together has enabled me to really make a breakthrough. Your words have been life changing and your approach enabled me to understand the technical and spiritual side of public speaking.”

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Diamond Dallas Page 3 Time World Champion WWE Professional Wrestler

“My man Dan Clark is a friend, mentor and the heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to how to write and deliver a speech. Not only has Dan helped me get in touch with who I really am and in tune with my message and why I want to share it with the world, Dan has helped me transition from professional entertainment athlete to professional speaker. No longer is it acceptable for athletes to come across as ‘dumb jocks.’ One’s speaking ability should match one’s performance ability in sports, film and music. Dan Clark is one of my life coaching gurus!”

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Anthony Robles NCAA Wrestling Champion

“In 2011, I won the National NCAA Wrestling Championship. I guess my story is unique in that I was born with only one leg! When I was notified that I was being honored at the Espy Awards as the recipient of the Jimmy Valvano Award for Courage, and that it would be broadcast on national television July 14, 2011, I immediately called Dan Clark to help me write my acceptance speech. After an intimate interview with me and my mom, Dan crafted the perfect message that was a reflection of my life and wrote a powerful concluding poem that became the title of my book and the conclusion to every speech!”

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Brendon Buchard

“If you ever have a chance to listen, learn or be mentored by Dan Clark, you have to!
Because, so few people have ever grown miles, and lasted a decade at the top. “

Just a Few of Dan’s Successful and Significant Clients:
Over the years in my public speaking, consultation, and coaching career. My team and I have streamlined our process like no other. In order to deliver the best value in an Executive Coaching Program. We will also provide you with these 3 Step Processes once you have booked a call with us…
  • Analysis Assessment

    One of our team members will hop on a call with you to talk about your goals for personal growth and leadership training needs. We will deep dive into your pain points and challenges. We’ll identify the gaps that you’re having challenges on. We’ll identify the things that are holding you back from reaching your fullest capacity, in your personal and professional life. We’ll provide you a quick win as you’ll understand your potential as a human being. We’ll help you focus on building a world-class organization.

  • Training and Curriculum Development

    Inside the program, you will get to:

  • Approval and Implementation

    After the initial interview in the 1st process. We'll establish a schedule for rolling out a training that is exclusively customized and is 100% based on your needs. A benchmark will be set for its completion and we’ll begin your training on schedule.

The Best Part...

Once you’ve enrolled into the program, you’ll also get these Exclusive Bonuses available only to Dan’s Executive Coaching Mentees. Perfect for you who plans to create your very own Individual Brand:

  • Significant/Influential Communicator

    Be personally coached, mentored and taught the Art and Science of Being an Extraordinary Communicator and Polished Public Speaker

  • Get Interviewed

    We’ll interview you for two hours to capture your life history and stories - after which, we’ll identify every life lesson learned from each experience. You’ll be tutored and coached in clarifying your message, identifying your "Significant Emotional Events" from which you’ll identify and write your very own "Signature Story."

  • Develop

    Develop and create each of your stories to become funny, provocative, and emotional.

  • Coach

    Coach and help you write your Keynote Speech that listener's love and that people/organizations will pay you to deliver!

  • Package

    Package you and your message so you can market yourself as a paid professional speaker in and outside of your industry.

  • Publish

    Help you write, create, and publish a great book and take it to market.

  • Personal Introductions

    I'll give you personal introductions to my connections, and get you Networking at the highest levels. You will learn to Influence the Affluent, which should lead to an invitation to serve on a visible Board of Directors/Advisory Board.

I’ve Customized All This Exclusively For YOU…
To Your Success and Significance

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