Military Tribute Tour: WHO – WHERE – WHY – WHAT I LEARNED

Military Tribute Tour: WHO - WHERE - WHY - WHAT I LEARNED

American Idol super star David Archuleta, David’s musical director Dean Kaelin, celebrity impressionist Jason Hewlett, and I departed Salt Lake City on July 8 with a personal commitment to entertain …read more

Entertaining Our Troops in the Middle East

Entertaining Our Troops in the Middle East

Military Tribute Tour 072114-14From Ali Al Salem Base in Kuwait we flew three hours on an Air Force C-17 transport jet. I arranged for David Archuleta to join me and the crew in the cockpit where he put on the headset to listen to the tower communications at takeoff and throughout the flight, and where we both had the opportunity to wear the Night Vision Goggles and clearly see …read more

Update from the Middle East – Military Tribute Tour

Update from the Middle East - Military Tribute Tour

Military Tribute Tour 072114-10What An Experience So Far! We were shot at in our Chinook helicopter and returned machine gun fire on our way to an outlying FOB (Forward Operating Base). We have toured a Patriot Missile Battery to see how our Army keeps the peace and provides security to Bahrain and United Arab Emirates in the gulf, was given a hand made bracelet by Chris, the leader of the Navy EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal Specialist) assigned to Seal Team 8, who is clearly one of the coolest and baddest dudes I have ever met …read more

Dan Clark and Friends…

Dan Clark and Friends...

This is a short sneak peek into one of our live shows – click the Read the Post button below and enjoy the video …read more

Dan Clark and Friends – Week One Complete

Dan Clark and Friends - Week One Complete

As the title suggests, the week one of my stay with the brave troupes here in Afghanistan is complete and I thought I’d post a short video …read more

Bahrain Day 1

Bahrain Day 1

Day one in Afghanistan – here is a little video of our first day here …read more

Update from Afghanistan

Update from Afghanistan

I am now in Bagram Afghanistan. We arrived last night. An incredible three hour flight along the Iranian border and over Pakistan. Very cool. I sat in the cockpit of the C-17 and used the Night Vision Goggles to see the ground activity better. Amazing. No worries, but the bad guys launched a motor attack on the airfield just after we landed …read more

Dan Clark’s Military Tribute Tour

Dan Clark's Military Tribute Tour

Today was different. I usually fly somewhere a couple of times every week, adding 175,000 miles to my frequent flyer programs each and every year for the past twenty-five years. But today was different. I have always approached every corporate and trade association engagement with conscientious preparation, intensity and commitment …read more

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

To begin with, we must understand three important laws of life. First, pressure is not something that is naturally there. It’s created when we question our own ability. When we know what we can do there is never any question. If you are unprepared for a school exam you feel pressure, but if you know you know the answers because you have studied and practiced, there is no question and no pressure …read more