Pure Motivation


Philip E. Harriman
“Dan Clark is one of the great teachers of our time and is a world-class talent on taking people from where they are to where they want to be. Having Dan as our closing main platform speaker at MDRT speaks volumes of the high respect we have for this man and his message. Being around Dan increases your personal power, productivity and passion for living.”
Philip E. Harriman President of Million Dollar Round Table
Beth Kitchen
“Wow! Dan was absolutely wonderful and one of the very best speakers we have ever had at our National Convention! Dan really did his homework and tailored his presentation exactly as we requested. His material was spot on and his delivery was fabulous. We got unbelievably positive feedback from the attendees on Dan’s session as he was by far their favorite speaker. His take on increasing sales and delivering an amazing customer experience was fresh and innovative and his long standing ovation showed how well he was received. Dan and his manager Laura were a breeze to work with and made me look like a hero!!!”
Beth Kitchen Event Coordinator, GNC Stores
Nathan Ricks
“Dan knocked it out of the park with a long standing ovation! As an international organization that has produced countless conventions over the years, who has hired many of the biggest name speakers in the world, Dan took our meetings to a new level as I received more positive comments about his speech than any other guest speaker we have ever had. It was right on the money. Dan played a huge part in making this a very successful event and we will definitely use him again in our most important meetings!”
Nathan Ricks One Team Global, NuSkin

Building A Winning Team


Jim Tunney PhD
“I was privileged to work as a National Football League referee for 31 years, was honored to officiate in several Super Bowls, served in California as a high school Principal and District Superintendent, and was elected in 1987 as president of the National Speakers Association. I have watched professional athletes, outstanding educators, and Hall of Fame speakers perform at the highest levels, and my friend and colleague Dan Clark is one of the very best I’ve ever seen. He is the consummate gentleman, a fierce competitor who refuses to lose, a master teacher, polished professional, and an experienced expert in building winning teams. Guaranteed, Dan will fire up and unify your people to win your biggest games – in sports, in business, in life!”
Jim Tunney PhD CPAE, Cavett Award Winner
Chuck Spencer
“I am the CEO of a nuclear operations concern of the U.S. Department of Energy at its Hanford Site in Washington state. Our job is safely managing 56 million gallons of high-level radioactive waste. The work is complex, hazardous, strictly controlled and highly regulated. It’s critical that we work as a team and watch out for each other. This is why I brought in Dan Clark as a nationally recognized expert in Safety and Team Building. Prior to his presentation Dan met with several members of my team – both management and labor – and did his homework. He also arrived early to the presentation so he could mingle and talk with employees. I spoke first and Dan listened intently to my presentation. He then used the information from my talk and all the information he had gathered to tailor his talk to our team. Dan really hit the mark. He touched many of my employees’ concerns and issues, and he did it with passion, humor and exuberance. I have never seen our 1,600 employees more engaged in a presentation. I know we are now a safer and more unified team because of Dan and his much needed message. I highly recommend Dan Clark for any business that is trying to enhance teamwork and instill safety in its workforce.”
Chuck Spencer President, Washington River Protection Solutions, URS Corporation
Fisher DeBerry
“As the head football coach at the Air Force Academy from 1984 to 2006, I took great pride in being able to teach the fundamentals and motivate my players to play their hearts out every play, every game. But after I heard Dan Clark speak, and had him work with my teams, I am convinced there is no one better at getting people to maximize their potential, exceed expectations, and unify into a ‘band of brothers,’ than Dan Clark. My teams were usually the underdogs, and Dan was the perfect outside influence we needed to be all we could be. I have highly recommended the services of Dan Clark to other NCAA and NFL coaches and encourage every corporate leader who wants to take their team to the next and highest level to do the same.”
Fisher DeBerry Legendary National NCAA Coach of the Year
Doug Williams
“Dan’s powerful and revolutionary message on Building A Winning Team offered the mental and behavioral edge needed to increase performance at the New York Ski Educational Foundation event here in Lake Placid. He was a true inspirational hero captivating the audience of U.S. Ski Team Members, Professional Athletes and Olympians.”
Doug Williams Coach, U.S. Alpine Ski Team
Andy Smith
“Dan, you certainly made quite an impression at our Worldwide Dealer Strategy Meeting in Orlando. To put it simply, we were blown away! You left the crowd of 1600 owners wanting more, as was evidenced by the spontaneous standing ovation you received. I’ve never seen our people so positively affected by a speaker before. Your ability to customize to our theme and incorporate so many key issues was impressive to say the least. And your unique approach to Building A Winning Team will change our culture forever. This is why we have already booked you again for next year’s international dealer meeting.”
Andy Smith EP Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Sales & Service


Kimberly Kovacs
“Dan’s comments and scores are outstanding, and his 4.95 out of 5 rating was the highest scoring session at our 2011 Global Sales Summit! After giving Dan two standing o, our customers gushed his praises stating, ‘Dan was clearly the best session at this Cisco Summit, gave us the take-aways we will remember, and added the passion to business we all need; need more speakers like Dan Clark, not more boring power point pitches, as he touched my heart and connected my mind to my soul. It was so much fun to learn this way; I wish there was something better than “excellent” to choose to describe Dan. This conference would have been worth the trip from Sydney JUST to be taught and inspired by Dan Clark!’ Obviously Dan was incredibly amazing and we will have him back!”
Kimberly Kovacs Sr. Mgr, Global Marketing Programs, Cisco Systems
John Winterholler
“Feedback has been ‘out of sight’ positive about Dan’s inspirational presentation to our 2011 Syntek Global International Distributors Convention this past Saturday at Thanksgiving Point. While I knew it would be good….just based on what I had heard from others, the entire presentation on Relationship Selling was exactly what the doctor ordered for our company at this time. Dan’s speech was interrupted several times with applause and the long, cheering, standing ovation he received at the end pretty much said it all! Our attendees were top leaders from across North America, Australia, Jamaica, Europe, Korea and Africa, which required that we bring in a special speaker who could communicate and connect with a diverse crowd of cultures and concerns. This is why Dan Clark was our first choice. With grace and an unrivaled level of polished professionalism, Dan inspired our people in a way I have never seen before. We have already had many requests for a ‘return engagement’ from distributors who want to hear it all over again.”
John Winterholler President/CEO Syntek Global, Inc



Ann Ford Reilley
“I cannot thank you enough for delivering what will go down as the very best Keynote speech in the history of the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Your presentation “Successful to Significant – Leadership In Managing Change” exceeded my wildest expectations. Early on you recited the objectives of our Society verbatim, leading several members to wonder where the teleprompter was! You really tapped into the culture of our organization and delivered a speech that spoke to our surgeons and spouses, those new to the practice and those retired as well. I appreciated our conference call ahead of the meeting so that you were able to personalize the talk. Most importantly you did exactly what was asked of you – deliver a speech that would bring both laughter and tears. We left the meeting better as individuals and as a group.”
Ann Ford Reilley M.D., FACS Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Tom Neslund
“Dan’s many presentations on Legacy Leadership and the importance of making our lives matter, played a significant role in the success of our United Nations sponsored leadership training in Russia and throughout the former Soviet Union. One of Dan’s speeches was broadcast live on national Russian television to all 15 Commonwealth of Independent States. Communicating in English to audiences that spoke only Russian was a real challenge, but Dan and his translator were fantastic and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The sponsors doubted the audience would respond to Dan, but half way through his speeches they were laughing, crying, and feeling everything right along with me! Standing ovations validated Dan’s extraordinary effectiveness in the international arena and that his message resonates throughout humanity. We will use Dan throughout the world!”
Tom Neslund Director, United Nations World Health Organization
General Hal Hornburg
“Not only have I had Dan Clark speak at my Commanders Conference, but he was the keynote speaker at our “Corona” 4-Star Generals Leadership Conference and has been a consultant to most of our senior leaders throughout the world. In fact, Dan’s unique approach to Team Building is so profound and relevant that we invited him to speak to our combat troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. In 16 days Dan spoke 23 times on 12 bases and on the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier to thousands of airmen, marines, soldiers and sailors. Dan’s extraordinary ability to break a team down to the lowest common denominator of individual attitude, personal responsibility, and relentless work ethic, and then build them back up into a well-oiled machine committed to something larger than them selves, is an incredible gift that very few consultants possess. Every military leader and world class corporate executive should bring Dan into their organizations to help them transform from Successful Into Significance.”
General Hal Hornburg USAF Commander, Air Combat Command (Ret)



Marie Hellstrom
“Dan Clark is the best speaker I have ever heard and was the highlight of our five day 2011 BMI International Conference in Scotland. Our international audience was made up of General Managers and corporate partners from Sweden, Finland, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, England, USA and South Africa, and Dan related to each of us in an entertaining, emotional and thought provoking way. He made us think and laugh and feel and obviously had taken the time to understand our cultures, as he discussed our European issues and even talked about our World Cup Soccer Teams, using the heroics of star players to make his points! He understands our social and economic systems and his personality and infectious sense of humor have a European flavor that allowed him to connect with us on both a personal and professional level. Even when we gathered after hours to socialize Dan willingly participated and played the piano as we sang and enjoyed each other’s company. We all agree that Dan is one of the premier international consultants in the world, and are bringing him back to Europe for a two week tour of our countries to work with our leaders and employees, and to speak to our communities!”
Marie Hellstrom Bastad Golfklubb, Sweden, Club Managers Association Of Europe
Peggy Vellioutou
“We set extremely high standards for the conference industry with our four events in 2010, and your full day program during our last event was the perfect capstone. Our conference was for the key leaders from our top clients including PepsiCo, Cadbury, Multirama, Group Lavipharm, and 100 more, and you were the favorite among the attendees. We especially enjoyed your participation in our panel discussion, and were impressed by how you continually used examples throughout your five-hour seminar from Greek history, interwoven with stories about our well known athletes and musicians. You came across as a local and are now an honorary Greek! While industry struggled here in Greece, and big companies stuttered to a halt, you boldly proclaimed, ‘Don’t Waste A Good Recession,’ and taught us practical solutions on how to face our obstacles, weather the storms of crisis, and better our positions in the marketplace, because great things are possible if we stick to our goals, invest in our people, and find new and inventive ways to push forward. What makes you such a powerful business consultant is how you enthusiastically reiterated that what we needed to succeed was already within each of us and within our organizations. Your standing ovation said it all and our clients definitely want you back!”
Peggy Vellioutou Senior Events Coordinator, KPMG Advisors, Greece

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