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As a motivational speaker and master of ceremonies for thirty years, four million audience members have taught me they need immediate answers to three questions:

  • Why should I listen to you?
  • Can I do it too?
  • How do I get from where I am to where I want to be?

This is why I relentlessly pursue the next high adventure, interview the exceptionally successful, and chronicle the life lessons learned, so my message is always cutting edge, my illustrations are always extraordinary, and my practical application is real. This is also why you can rest assured that I am the speaker who has done it, who is currently doing it, and who can teach you and your people to do it too.

Dan’s Four Speech Topics

1 - Pure Motivation

Taking It To The Next Level

It is not enough to say I will do my best. We must succeed at doing that which is necessary. It is critical, therefore, that we get a regular “check up from the neck up” and laugh, think, feel and re-energize. Research shows that we learn more, remember more, commit to more, and more willingly accept the challenges of change, when we are entertained!

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2 - Building a Winning Team

Dominating The Competition

It’s not all about team – teams lose! It’s about winning! Are you working with a group that is confusing activity with accomplishment, and realizing that the popular concept of “turning me to we” is not improving your organizational performance? Maybe it’s time to work with someone who has actually played on and coached championship teams.

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3 - Sales / Customer Satisfaction

Perfecting The Law Of Attraction

Wealth flows through you, not to you! If price and money become the focus of conversation, it means the presentation is weak and the relationship is non- existent. Anybody can make a presentation. Anyone can serve a customer. Top of the Table professionals have taught me that to close a deal and generate repeat and referral business, our relationships must connect.

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4 - Life Changing Leadership

From Successful To Significant

What if great is not good enough? Great is not always best, it’s only always relevant, depending on what we compare it against. If you could get your hands on the Twelve Highest Laws of the Universe that only game changing leaders and extreme achievers live by, would you be interested?

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