Journey Into Space

Watch Dan’s Flight Into Space

Soaring to the edge of space in a U2 Spy Plane to a “classified” altitude above the earth’s surface, wherein Dan witnessed the breathtaking curvature of the earth, and for 3 hours gazed into the blackness of space, pondering the wonders of the universe and the reality of eternity; 


Dan Clark U2 Spy Plane Space Flight

“U2  ETERNITY”    
Today I woke, prepared myself both physically and mentally
And breathed only the purest thoughts to free myself from every negativity

Then suited up, protected from reality, to board a secret craft
to soar beyond the bonds of 
life’s ordinary gravity

Up, straight up I shot, and danced with clouds until I climbed above them
in high flight to see as far as I could see

I saw the curvature of earth, and on the edge of space, if we’re alone, 
a waste of space it is for all humanity

And in the blackness of our universe, suspended on the wind above 
where eagles fly, 
with grace I hovered, sensing that 
the best is yet to be

Where in the sounds of silence realized what we take with us in death, 
is what I had with me:
Education, character, and a 
‘made-a-difference’ legacy

 Then, with tear-filled eyes, surreal in a tranquil blue serenity,
my heart stood still in 
breathtaking humility

As I, in awe, felt His almighty presence while I gazed into eternity.

by Dan Clark – copyright 2010

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