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“Over the last 30 years, audience members in 50 countries on 6 continents have convinced me they want to laugh long and hard, think beyond the norm, rekindle their passion and purpose, and advance to a personal and organizational level they have never been before. So… that’s what I do!”


Dan Is An Expert On Motivation, Team Building, Sales/Customer Service & Leadership

Pure Motivation - Taking It To The Next Level

We Don’t See Things As They Are

Dan’s Paralyzing Injury And Recovery

We Can’t Exceed Potential – We Just Misjudge It

You Have A Spotless Future


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Building A Winning Team ~ Dominating The Competition

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Change Our Behavior Before It’s Too Late

It Is Emotion That Leads To Action

Every Team Member Matters


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Closing Sales ~ Creating Customer Delight

Minimum Requirement VS Maximum Connection

The Bellman And Dan’s Dad

I Love You VS I Need You

Customer  Experience Is THE Competition


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Life Changing Leadership ~ Transforming From Successful To Significance

It  Is Not Enough To Get What We Want

We Can’t Just Practice What We Preach

Extraordinary  Leaders Have Dreams For Sale

Legacy Leadership


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International Customization

Dan always researches the history, leaders and customs of the country wherein he is speaking, so his message is relevant to the place and purpose of the meeting. To demonstrate that he truly cares about his audience, Dan is also famous for memorizing a few greeting phrases in the native language of the country (French, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, etc) and becomes so familiar with their celebrities and sports heroes, that he can use their inspirational stories to illustrate his points and connect with the audience as one of them.


Meeting Planners and fellow professional speakers are in awe of Dan’s unmatched ability to customize his speeches for each specific audience. As you watch  the speech below, visualize how Dan will also tailor make his speech for you and your organization. Using names, catch phrases, interviews he’s had with your leaders, and the video speech excerpts you have chosen, Dan will write and deliver a powerful, entertaining, thought provoking, customized speech on your meeting theme, especially for your organization!

Dan  Seeks  To  Bless  Not  Impress

Complete  Unedited  Keynote  Speech


Customized Motivational Speaking

Remember, Dan customizes every speech wherein if you desire and have the time, you can watch Dan’s video speech excerpts, and choose which stories, anecdotes and messages best fulfill the needs of your meeting. Then, after a conference telephone call to discuss your specific desires, Dan will plug your four story choices into his four-cornerstone template to create your tailor-made speech around your meeting theme and specific purposes!

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