New York Times Best Selling Author

inspirational topics“Dan Clark is a primary contributing author to our Chicken Soup For The Soul series, co-author of Chicken Soup For The College Soul, and author of Little Souls-Best Night Out With Dad. Dan is larger than life, one of the greatest storytellers in the world, and one of our most popular and beloved authors. Dan fully comprehends and lives by the Success Principles we propagate, and teaches The Secrets through his powerful, unforgettable, inspirational masterpieces!”
Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield, Co-Creators, Chicken Soup For The Soul series

simon-sinek“I am a fan of Dan Clark. We met when we shared the stage at an event hosted by the United States Air Force. I was immediately struck by Dan’s love and commitment for our military. In fact, it is this devotion to service, this unwavering belief in the value of putting others before our selves, that attracted me to Dan’s message. He believes in doing good in the world and to sharing the stories and lessons and ideas that inspire others to do the same.”
Simon Sinek, Popular TED Speaker and Best Selling Author of Start With Why

Credibility As An Author

As a prolific author of over 20 books, Dan brings more resources, flexibility, and credibility to his keynote speeches than other speakers. Add to this his continuous search for the next incredible adventure, which he always writes about, and you will conclude that Dan is in a class by himself!

Through research, interviews, and extraordinary personal experiences, Dan has become an expert in transforming our selves and our organizations From Successful To Significance, Legacy Leadership, Building Winning Teams, Story Power, Humor, Public Speaking, Poetry, Productivity Improvement, and Relationship Management. As a master storyteller, Dan has been published in more than 40 million books in 40 languages worldwide.

And What Does Song Writing Have To Do With Speaking?

Dan is also a hit songwriter/recording artist, having written with many of the biggest names in Nashville. While some wonder why and how songwriting and musicianship adds to Dan’s message, swagger and effectiveness as a Hall of Fame Speaker, it is clear to those who hear him speak that the exercise of taking an entire experience and consolidating it into a three minute song is therapeutic, exhilarating, and the perfect tutorial on editing to where, “every word pays its own way.”

» Credibility As An Author
» » Credibility As An Author