International Consultant

brad cook dan clark“It was while I was serving as President (Director) of the Abu Dhabi Women’s College in the United Arab Emirates that I hired Dan Clark to work with my faculty, fellow administrators and students. Dan did his homework to learn the nuances, taboos, cultural differences and commonalities, and positive ways in which he could connect with my people. Then, he exceeded everyone’s expectations by teaching and mentoring us with stories, data and solutions that they could relate to. When deciding on a Commencement Speaker to address the MBA graduates from all seventeen campuses of the Higher Colleges of Technology, we brought Dan back to inspire and entertain us. Dan’s reputation now has him working with the UAE government, corporate, and business development communities. Hands down, Dan is one of the premier international consultants in the world, who clearly has a genuine love for people of all races, creeds, and cultures, and a unique ability to help corporations and NGO’s create and maintain strategic business and educational global relationships.”
Brad Cook, MA, Oriental & Middle East Studies, Oxford University / PhD, International Relations,  Stanford University

Credibility As A Consultant

Obviously companies and organizations who have international offices need a speaker/consultant who understands the diversity in their complex global mission, so he can deliver the exact same message in every speech, in every country,  so as to maintain continuity in company training,  entertain with the same illustrations and principles, and sustain growth and development at the same rate and intensity company wide.  If this is your international agenda, Dan Clark is your “Man For All Reasons.”

Since 1982, Dan has spoken to over 4500 audiences, to more than 4 million people in 50 countries. Achievers North America and Achievers Europe named Dan one of the Top Ten Speakers In The World.

Dan has delivered the keynote speech at the United Nations NGO World Congress in Germany, and from 1989-1993, conducted United Nations Leadership Training in Europe, Asia, and throughout the former Soviet Union, to large audiences of Healthcare, Education and Military professionals.

International Credibility As A Consultant

This lead to an invitation for Dan to deliver a 90-minute speech on national Russian television, broadcast live to all 15 Commonwealth of Independent Soviet States.

Dan has also keynoted student convocations at the University of Moscow, Russia; International University in Hanoi, Vietnam; St. Andrews University in Scotland; University of Limerick and Trinity College in Ireland; University of Oxford, Manchester University, and the University of London in England.

With an incredible understanding of international culture, politics and competition, Dan was hired to be the Master of Ceremonies/Speaker at five Samsung Corporation customer events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

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» » Credibility As A Consultant